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What TO Eat

Recommended Foods

NOTE: Do not eat foods that are in this listing which you are sensitive or allergic to or if your health care professional says to omit.


Adzuki (aduki, azuki) beans, cooked only

Agar powder or flakes, cooked only

Alfalfa leaves (dried), cooked only

Alfalfa sprouts (cut off roots and brown hulls and discard), cooked only

Almonds (buy raw, then use in cooking)

Amaranth flour, cooked only

Arrowroot powder, cooked only, in small amounts

Artichoke hearts (packed in water), drained & cooked

Artichokes (globe), cooked only

Artichokes (Jerusalem)

Arugula, raw only

Asparagus, cooked only


Bamboo shoots, cooked only

Barley (brown pot), cooked only

Basil, fresh in raw or cooked foods, dried in cooking only


Basmati rice, only brown and cooked

Bean sprouts (mung bean sprouts), cooked only

Beans (dried), only those within this listing

Beans (green, snap), cooked only


Beet greens, cooked only

Black beans (turtle beans), cooked only

Black olives (canned), cooked only

Broccoli, cooked only

Brussels sprouts, cooked only

Buckwheat (contains no wheat), cooked only

Butter (dairy), raw, clarified, cooked

Butters (almond, filbert, pecan, sesame, sunflower, and pumpkin only), cooked only

Cabbage, cooked or juiced only


Cauliflower, cooked only



Cayenne pepper


Chard, cooked only

Chickpeas (garbanzos), cooked only

Chickpea flour (besan, chana, garbanzo), cooked only

Chives, fresh in raw or cooked foods, dried in cooking only

Cilantro, fresh in raw or cooked foods, dried in cooking only

Cranberry juice (unsweetened)

Cucumbers, raw only

Cumin (seeds or powder), cooked only

Daikon (white radish)

Dulse, cooked only

Eggs, well-cooked only

Exotic mixed greens (minus endive, escarole, and radicchio), raw only

Fava beans, cooked only


Fennel seeds or vegetable, cooked only

Filberts (hazelnuts), buy raw and use in cooking

Fish (salmon, tuna, cod, sole, haddock, trout), cooked only

Flax oil, raw only

Flaxseeds (whole, cooked only; freshly ground, raw or cooked)


Grapefruit (white only)

Greens (kale, chard, mustard, bok choy, beet), cooked only

Hazelnuts (filberts), buy raw and use in cooking

Herbs, fresh, in raw or cooked foods

Herbs, dried, cooked in foods

Horseradish (dried, fresh, or prepared without sugar), cooked unless fresh grated

Jicama, raw only with fresh lime juice

Kale, cooked only

Kasha (toasted buckwheat), cooked only

Kelp (sea kelp), cooked only



Kidney beans, cooked only


Kudzu (kuzu), cooked only

Leeks, cooked only

Legumes, only those within this listing

Lemon juice, fresh

Lentils (red, green, brown, gray, French), cooked only

Lettuce (leaf, red, bibb, and Boston only), raw only

Lime juice, fresh

Lotus root, cooked only

Millet, cooked only

Mung beans (dry or sprouted), cooked only

Nuts, only those within this listing

Oats (groats, whole, steel cut or Scotch), cooked only

Oil (sunflower, sesame, canola, flax, or pumpkin) natural, cold-pressed, or expreller-pressed only


Oil (olive), extra virgin

Onions (white, yellow, or red)

Paprika, cooked only

Parsley, fresh in raw or cooked foods, dried in cooking only

Parsnips, cooked only

Pattypan squash (scallop squash), cooked only

Peas (fresh, green peas), cooked or raw

Pecans, buy raw and use in cooking

Peppers, bell (green), raw or cooked

Peppers, bell (red, orange, yellow, purple)

Peppers (hot or chile), raw or cooked

Pine nuts, buy raw and use in cooking

Pinto beans, cooked only

Pumpkin seeds, buy raw and use in cooking

Quinoa, cooked only

Radishes (red), raw only



Radishes (white), raw or cooked

Red beans, cooked only

Rice (long or short brown, wild, wehani or sweet brown), cooked only

Romano beans, cooked only

Salmon, cooked only

Scallions (green onions)

Sea kelp, cooked only

Seaweed, cooked only

Sesame seeds, buy raw and use in cooking

Sesame tahini, cooked only

Shallots, cooked or raw

Snow peas (edible pea pods), cooked only

Solar Sea Salt


Soybeans, well cooked

Soy flour, cooked only

Soy milk, cooked only

Spaghetti squash, cooked only



Sprouts (mung beans, alfalfa sprouts), cooked only

Squash (winter), cooked only

Squash (yellow summer)

Stevia (sweetner, supplement)

Sunflower seeds, buy raw and use in cooking

Tahini (sesame), cooked only

Teff (flour or seeds), cooked only

Tofu, cooked only


Tomato sauce, homemade, cooked only

Tuna, cooked only

Turnips, cooked only

Water non-chlorinated (spring, or specially filtered)

Water chestnuts, cooked only

Wild rice, cooked only

Yams (orange), cooked only

Yogurt (fresh, plain with acidophilus powder, garlic or lemon or lime juice only)




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