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Bottom line, prevention of a first occurrence or reoccurrence of Candida will require vigilance and a true dedication to wellness and vibrant health. Once we have had an overgrowth of Candida there is a predisposition to the condition; so, returning to the old habits which created this situation is not a good option.

A balanced body, free of an overgrowth of Candida, in many ways represents a balanced life. This involves taking a look at all aspects of our lives and making choices, sometimes tough choices, to achieve the results we want. The following Prevention Guide will assist you in making those choices.

Prevention Guide

There is no single part of the body that is not affected by the whole. Wholeness or wellness is not just being "free from disease" but is living in the state of optimal integration between the elements of mind, body and spirit.

The following lifestyle and supplement suggestions work toward consciously making choices to promote a highly functioning immune system. These choices will assist the body not only to prevent an overgrowth of Candida but to maintain a united front (body, mind and spirit) to correct and prevent other imbalances and diseases.


Foods/Eating Patterns

If you are already in vibrant health and want to stay that way you have probably been following the basic "rules" of listening to your body and using common sense in choosing what, when, and how to eat. If so, continue your program and move to the Lifestyle and Supplements section.

If you know that you have been abusing your body and have the sinking feeling it is about to catch up with you, do the following:

  • Eat predominantly foods from the "What to Eat" list on this Website. Generally, the more whole, fresh, natural, unprocessed foods the better.
  • Practice food combining three to six day per week to assist digestion. (Fruits alone, do not mix proteins with carbohydrates at the same meal - each can be eaten with vegetables.)
  • Avoid sugars, artificial sweetners (except Stevia) fruit juices, refined and "junk" foods, and products containing white flour and white rice.
  • Do use Stevia (a natural and healthy sweetner) in foods, teas, baking etc. (see Supplements list)
  • Do not use tobacco in any form
  • Do not drink beverages with caffeine. NOTE: The caffeine from ONE cup of coffee, tea or soft drink, can kill up to 75% of the friendly bacteria in your entire intestinal tract.
  • Avoid or severely limit intake of alcohol. Drink only after a full meal (wait an hour), limit to no more than two to eight days a month and make sure you are taking the supplements, particularly AZ 2-12 and Herbal Fiber Cleanse to bring the body back to balance. This is also important if you eat the occasional dessert.
  • To the extent possible, avoid taking antibiotics and other drugs that destroy the friendly flora of the body. If you must use an antibiotic, oral contraceptive, or cortisone make sure you are taking the supplements listed below to bring the body back to balance.
  • Do use Herbal Fiber Cleanse and AZ 2-12 daily

Lifestyle Choices

  • Be aware of and responsible for your stress levels. We become aware by learning to relax, meditate, pray, practice yoga or many other disciplines. There are books tapes, classes, coaches and friends to teach us or partner with.
  • Learn to set limits - take a class on assertiveness if necessary, find a mentor, negotiate healthy boundaries at home and work. Stop pretending it will "go away" or "get better when…"
  • Exercise - both weight bearing and aerobic. It flushes out toxins, releases endorphins and builds self-esteem.
  • Read, study, challenge and nurture your mind and spirit as well as your body.


As much as we all would desire a single magic potion to provide us with an immune system that functions at optimal health, in reality it requires a number of substances working together in harmony.

Through extensive research, we have scientifically formulated a specific product line that has been designed to assist us all in obtaining our own optimal level of wellness and balance.

We recommend making the following supplements a daily part of your life. Along with appropriate eating and lifestyle choices this will promote and maintain vibrant health of mind, body, and spirit.

The following chart lists what each supplement helps.


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