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SPECIAL NOTE: Many of us have very vivid images in our minds of nuclear bomb explosions and the resulting fallout. In the 1940's and 50's during the actual testing of these weapons of enormous destruction, other tests were also being preformed. Various living organisms were subjected to the results of these explosions. The one which readily survived was a fungus/yeast that we call Candida.

In this section we are going face-to-face with an incredible survivor. Research and our actual life experiences have proven to us that it is a necessary goal, it is also an attainable goal, if we "pull out all the stops" and don't give up.

Basic Information

Treatment, according to Websters' Unabridged Dictionary, has several meanings. The portions that apply to our use of this term are "a systematic course of care for a definite purpose."

Let's temporarily separate this quote into two parts, first, "a definite purpose" and then "a systematic course of care."

The "definite purpose" that we have in mind has more than one area of focus.

Yes, we want you to rid your body of its Candida overgrowth…
Yes, we want you to eliminate the debilitating and even the annoying symptoms…
Yes, we want you to have a totally healthy digestive tract…
Yes, we want you to have an immune system that is functioning at optimal levels…
And, yes, we want you to be a prime example of homeostasis. Where each and every part of your body is operating at the optimal balanced levels of total wellness.

In this case we are slightly modifying a long -standing holistic maxim, "treat the entire person, not just the disease," by adding the words entire and just.

The quote, "treat(ing) the entire person" more than just implies some lifestyle changes such as a reduction in stress & other harmful substances, and perhaps an increase in such things as relaxation & sleep.

Now let's briefly discuss the other portion of our original Websters' definition, "a systematic course of care."

Treatment is obviously a combination of actions we should take and those we should avoid.

This actual process is divided into three stages:

  • Stage one, which involves diet and supplements…
  • Stage two, which involves diet, supplements and also Anti-Candida substances…
  • Stage three, which involves a modified diet along with supplements…

Note: All three of the above stages also involve various other lifestyle modifications such as oral hygiene and personal cleanliness to name a few.

The famous and historic Florence Nightingale once indicated that her job was, "to put the patient in the best condition for nature to act upon him (or her)."

We feel that these three stages will put you "in the best condition for nature to act upon (you)."

In reality this is a self-treatment program as you will be responsible for your own treatment through your interpretations of the recommendations and your follow through.

You are drawing from the experiences of thousands of individuals before you with various Candida symptoms along with their numerous health care professionals.

The specific details for each of the three stages are in the next section: Intermediate Information.


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