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The most obvious first step in treatment is to remove the cause of the disorder whenever possible. Some of the causes of Candida are: what is eaten, how it is eaten, and when it is eaten.

The treatment of Candida without an accompanying appropriate diet is ineffective and useless.

A good diet ensures that little or no new growth of Candida can occur or become established.

This is best accomplished through the use of fresh natural foods.

The most important of these is water. Good purified, filtered non-chlorinated water. The human body is approximately two-thirds water that needs to be constantly replaced.

According to several sources, including the USDA, the minimum amount of water to be consumed by the average adult is eight to ten 8 ounce glasses per day.

However, there is a need to increase that amount for exercise or other physical exertion, more if the weather is hot and/or dry, more if overweight and definitely more if someone is on a Candida treatment program.

The increase of water intake during the treatment assists in flushing out the Candida and its toxins, and also is a replenishing source of fresh un-polluted moisture.

Next is fiber, often referred to as roughage or bulk. An increased intake of fiber can significantly reduce the impact of Candida.

The daily recommendation is 20-35 grams of fiber for the average adult.

By increasing fiber, the intestinal tract keeps things moving through regularly and preventing constipation which would strengthen the Candida. A good natural source of this would be vegetables and a herbal fiber cleanse.

Surprising but true: animal products such as meat, fish, poultry, eggs and dairy products do not contain any fiber.

In the broadest sense, most all vegetables, with the exception of corn and potatoes are recommended.

As far as fruit goes, white grapefruit is great and also fresh lemon and/or lime juice or the essential oils of all three.

There are a number of fish and fish oils (Omega-3 EPA) that provide excellent protein.

NOTE: See Intermediate Information for complete listing of foods to eat.


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