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Why Do YOU Have Candida?

Note: Candida is known by many different names. Please see our "definitions" section for further clarification. For consistency we will use the name "Candida" throughout the web site.

Basic Information

  1. Everybody has it!
  2. 90+% are suffering from an overgrowth!
  3. The pollution from our environment that enters our body through the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, and our permeable skin, strengthen it!
  4. The drugs that we take for other conditions, such as antibiotics, cortisone, steroids, oral contraceptives and others, have side effects that promote it!
  5. Our lifestyle of stress, fast-food, long hours, alcohol, caffeine, nicotine and sugar feed it!

Intermediate Information

If you are one of the 6 billion human inhabitants on planet Earth, you have Candida somewhere in your body.

According to The International Health Foundation, as many as 90 percent or more of Americans and Canadians, may be suffering from the effects of Candida.

It is considered a "Hidden Epidemic" in North America.

Hidden because there are no unequivocal objective medical laboratory tests to verify its existence.

Hidden because when many of our health care practitioners were taught their profession, this condition was unknown.

Hidden because some health care practitioners are skeptical that it could possibly have such a wide range of symptoms.

Candida is a fungus. Fungi are everywhere. These single-cell organisms can be found in the air, in the water, and on the land. It is estimated that 500,000+ species of fungi live and thrive on earth. Fungi can enter our bodies so readily that the average person has some 5,000 different species of fungi living within them at any one time. Over l50 of these are strains of Candida.

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